Physical therapists — Jen Abbott & Michele Saunders — offer clients a unique opportunity in Litchfield County!


Fitness and yoga are powerful tools….and whether you are a cross-training athlete or hoping to build a stronger, more flexible YOU — Jen and Michele utilize their training as PTs to customize fitness and yoga programs exclusively for each individual.

Clients benefit not only from Jen and Michele’s combined expertise in fitness and yoga, but are empowered to find strength and balance in their daily lives. Elements such as meditation, breathing and mindfulness are incorporated into every work-out and yoga session.

Are you recovering from injury/surgery? New to exercise? Have you always wanted to try yoga? Trust Jen & Michele to help you on your journey with appropriate, effective and creatively-designed fitness and yoga sessions.

Thru tailored therapeutic & functional exercises — as well as specifically prescribed yoga postures — Jen & Michele incorporate their knowledge of fitness, yoga principles and physical therapy into every session.

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Your personal fitness & wellness goals may include:

  •     — Build strength, flexibility and balance
  •    — Achieve a healthy weight
  •    — Improve sports performance
  •    — Return to previous fitness level
  •   — Simply feel great physically & energetically….

If so, this clinical, innovative approach optimizes your results:  but also ensures  safety and overall wellness.   Private, semi-private and small group sessions are available.   Contact us for a complimentary consultation and to determine whether Jen & Michele’s services are right for you.



Raised $1,200 @ SUNSHINE SPA LUNCHEON for OWL Library!  

Thank you to those who shared in our magical Sunshine Spa Luncheon this past Saturday!  Our guests enjoyed a bright & sunny poolside yoga and core workout followed by a meditative & restorative practice in the dappled light of the shady glen nearby.  Afterwards — a delicious & healthy lunch on the terrace!  A heart-felt “thanks” to all of you who contributed and spent the day with us !
With gratitude & respect,
Jen and Michele


Click here to learn more about more yoga services and group class schedule.



Our Monthly Mantra:

LIGHT !                                            

June brings the longest day of the year:  the Summer Solstice!  This day offers us the greatest amount of Light.  What a gift as we say goodbye to a cold, dark winter.  We look forward to a long, fruitful, LIGHT- FILLED summer ahead.

This month we will focus on becoming Lighter and asking for that which fills us with good and positive Light energy.  We will practice Letting Go of darkness and heaviness.


Click here for more on “Be the LIGHT…Bring the LIGHT” from Jen and her weekly blog. 

And when you visit the studio during the month of JUNE, please check in on our “Intuition Board” for more….  

~ Namaste!


“Ring the bells that still can ring.

Forget your perfect offering.

There is a crack in everything.

That’s how the Light gets in.”

~Leonard Cohen


Contact us today for a free initial consultation. We look forward to meeting you!

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