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Fitness Therapists, Litchfield CT

About Fitness Therapists

Since 1987 Jen Abbott has been guiding people on their path to wellness, first as a physical therapist and then as a personal trainer and yoga coach.

After working for seven years in outpatient therapy followed by eighteen years owning Fitness Therapists, Inc., in Wellesley, Massachusetts, Jen chose to return to her home town in Litchfield, CT in 2009.  Jen has brought to Litchfield her commitment to helping others find personal strength and balance.

Finding Strength and Balance

We offer clients a chance to look at themselves differently.  We are unique from other "personal trainers" in that we encourage clients to look within to find strength and balance as tools toward achieving physical wellness.  We guide clients toward mindful, grateful breaths—counting the blessings of health and wellness (even in the face of injury or illness) before we begin the physical workout. These tools are more powerful than any treadmill, weight machines or "diet." 

All clients are given a thorough physical therapy/fitness evaluation and are educated on proper posture and form.  Prevention and treatment of injury is always addressed through exercise that brings about muscle balance.

Our programs incorporate exercises to improve cardiovascular condition and increase lean muscle while decreasing the percentage of body fat. They are designed to improve balance, agility, and sports performance and to maintain overall fitness, energy, and stamina.

Along with traditional weight training methods, we incorporate dynamic/functional training with core boards, dyna-discs, medicine balls and various "toys" to keep workouts challenging and fun. Learn about our services.

Contact us for a complimentary consultation and see if we’re right for you. We're looking forward to helping you be strong and balanced.