Physical therapist, personal trainer and yoga instructor Jennifer Abbott brings over 30 years of experience to Litchfield County-offering clients a unique opportunity for private, as well as small group fitness and yoga.

Jen opened Fitness Therapists, Inc in 1993 in Newton/Wellesley MA and after running the business for 17 years decided to bring it “home” to Litchfield in 2009.

“Our priorities for our clients are education re: anatomy, posture and  alignment; working with and around injury and injury prevention; and providing highly individualized and motivating programs and workouts-EVERY TIME.”

“Through tailored therapeutic and functional exercises, as well as prescribed yoga postures and strength/flexibility moves, the elements of fitness, yoga and physical therapy are incorporated into every session.”

This clinical, innovative approach optimizes your results, but also ensures safety and total body balance.

The Studio@88 hosts certified wellness professionals with backgrounds in physical therapy, yoga therapy, psychotherapy, nutrition, meditation, and more.